Our Big Wish List

The Suncoast Hillels have come a long way over the past few years. With the building of our new kosher kitchen, the expansion of our dining hall and program space, and naming it the Morris & Bertha Escoll Center for Jewish Campus Life, our engagement on campus and our programs have grown. We are so happy with how far we have come, but there is still more to be done. The following are major gift options that will allow us to expand and enhance our program.

Sustainable Hillel - $5,000

Over the course of a single school year, the Suncoast Hillels serve well over 6,000 meals and snacks to our students. This produces a huge volume of plastic and paper waste. In an effort to teach our students about the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam and environmental stewardship, Hillel would like to transition to using only recycled and compostable materials.  This gift will make it possible for us to purchase these materials as well as a composting system which will be used to reclaim all of our waste. We will use the compost to nurture the ten fruit trees at the USF Hillel building. 

Alternative Spring Break Service Trip - $10,000

This will make it possible for a group of students from USF, UT or Eckerd College to take part in an alternative spring break service trip in the United States. Students will spend their spring break doing community service and learning about the Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam. Working through Hillel International and Repair the World, students will take part in an established curriculum of work and study, and will bring their experiences back to campus to strengthen our local program of community service.

USF Hillel Landscaping & Irrigation System - $15,000

Over the past several years, USF Hillel has taken steps to improve the physical appearance of our building on campus. The initial phase of beautification entailed clearing away scrub trees and underbrush from the rear of the building. The second phase was a renovation and remodeling of the building interior in order to create a more welcoming environment for the students. This was followed by the creation of the beautiful Dorothy Ross Patio to allow for outdoor programming.  However, to make the USF Hillel Jewish Student Center a more welcoming space as a whole requires that all parts of the building appear well-kept and attractively maintained at all times. We need a lawn and minimal landscaping including an irrigation system to be that welcoming, inviting Hillel “home” we wish to be.

Hillel Mini Van Shuttle - $20,000

USF is a large, sprawling campus and the Bull Runner Shuttle Service stops running on Fridays at 5pm.  This creates a problem for first-year students who live on the far side of campus, as they are not able to attend Shabbat services or dinner at Hillel. In addition, our first concern at Hillel is always for the safety of our students; we do not want students to have to walk long distances across campus after dark. Currently, when Shabbat dinners end at Hillel, we arrange individual rides for students with others who are driving in the same general direction. A mini-van shuttle would allow Hillel to have an organized program to ensure the safety of our students and also to increase attendance. As an added benefit, the Hillel Shuttle would be painted with the “Hillel” logo and name to promote our organization on campus.