Board of Directors

Sara Ingber


"Being a part of the Suncoast Hillels' Board excites me because it provides an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Jewish students who will one day be our future leaders assuring continuity and continuance of the Jewish existence." 

Cindy Korenvaes


"I am a strong supporter of Hillel and proudly serve on the board  because I feel every Jewish student should have a "home" on his/her campus to enjoy, practice and explore his/her Jewish identity with other Jewish students ."

Meyer Weitzman

"I am excited to serve on the Hillels of the Florida Suncoast board of directors because I have a passion for helping to build and sustain a welcoming environment for Jewish students on our college campuses.  I feel it is so important to nurture young Jewish minds by providing them with a nexus for social, political and cultural activities while they prepare for the rest of their lives."

Debbie Doliner


"Suncoast Hillels have the opportunity to engage young adults at a critical time, when they are deciding who they are and what they believe.   Our mission works to ensure a Jewish future for our People and for our students.  What we do is vital, and it is my honor to support and serve this highly meaningful organization."

Arnie Ross

"In today's stressful environment, Hillel provides a safe haven for Jewish students to meet and bond with each other. I also appreciate and want to foster the sharing of Jewish cultural experiences. By being on the Board I'm in a position to help enrich the lives of future generations of the Jewish Community."

Deborah Roth

"College is the last real opportunity to reach and engage our young people. Hillel provides them with the experiences of Jewish life, learning and spirituality, to enhance their personal growth and confidence.  It is quiet a challenge, but these young people are our future—the future of the Jewish people and community in this country, and I believe it is our responsibility to meet this challenge."

Karen Schilit

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Caren Magdovitz 2.jpg

Caren Magdovitz

Suncoast Hillels offers a safe space for Jewish students to connect with others during their college years. I am delighted to be a part of an organization that allows students the opportunity to grow and share their similar values together while building a Jewish community in their "home away from home".  

Mitch Drucker

"The future of the Jewish people is predicated upon the engagement of our youth. Hillel provides a nurturing educational environment for the students on our Tampa Bay campuses. These endeavors warrant our support."

David Steinberg

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Merrill Marx


The college campus environment is becoming more challenging as anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activism rise.  As a “home away from home”, Hillel provides support, guidance and an opportunity to socialize for our Jewish students.  I strongly believe that Hillel helps to ensure a Jewish future for them and for us.

Bruce Goldstein

"There is a great deal of anti-Jewish noise in the world today, especially on college campuses. I'm on the Board of the Suncoast Hillels because I believe it is important that there  be a strong Jewish presence to give students the strength to stand up to dangerous ideas that threaten our Jewish way of life and give them the tools to enlighten their classmates to the truths that others try to obscure."

Marc Ostroff

Serving on the Suncoast Hillel Board allows me the opportunity to help lead and be a part of two things that are near and dear to my heart- being Jewish and USF. As a USF Alum and someone who attended bagel brunch regularly, I understand how important Hillel is to a Jewish student at USF. Hillel gives Jewish students a place they can call home and an opportunity to be around peers that are similar to them. Having programs, Shabbat dinners, and a place they can go for the holidays hopefully allows these students to feel connected to the Jewish community and miss home just a little bit less!


Luy Teitelroit

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