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Life & Legacy: Why Suncoast Hillels?

In my role as President of the Board of Hillels of the Florida Suncoast, it has become ever more critical during these very uncertain times, to know that the Life & Legacy endowment program exists and will provide for our future as an organization allowing us to fulfill our mission: “To enrich the lives of Jewish college students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.” We have found this to be such a rewarding program as it allows us to share our common goal of ensuring a Jewish future. We are grateful to the Grinspoon Foundation for conceiving and overseeing this campaign and allowing us to be a part of its success.  


Our students have and will continue to benefit from the Life & Legacy program as it allows us to reinvest the proceeds into special ongoing programming specific to their needs.  Despite the fact that all of programming is currently virtual, our students are very grateful that Suncoast Hillels is still there for them. Even though we are not able to be their physical on-campus spiritual home, we are there virtually. 


On a more personal note, the Life & Legacy program is particularly important to me because it allows me to make a difference in young people’s lives now and, even more importantly, in the future. To know that students at USF, University of Tampa and Eckerd College will have a home away from home, and professionals to guide them along their Jewish journeys, gives me great comfort and satisfaction.


-Sara Ingber     

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Why was it important to me to sign a Life & Legacy Letter of Intent and formalize my afterlife gift to Suncoast Hillels? I am very grateful for Hillels of the Florida Suncoast as an organization that supports the future of the Jewish people. I know how important Suncoast Hillels is to our college students as they begin to navigate the next chapter of their lives and, because of the pandemic, I see firsthand how critical it is for Hillel to have a financial cushion especially during difficult and challenging times. By formalizing my Life & Legacy gift, I play an important role in ensuring that Hillel will be there to serve our students into the future. I am proud that I have formalized my Life & Legacy gift and I am honored to be a legacy donor for Hillels of the Florida Suncoast.


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As a Jewish community member and proud University of South Florida alum, the future of USF Hillel is very important to me. I served in a variety of capacities on the USF Hillel student board for three years and participated in activities with USF Hillel during my four years as a USF undergraduate students.

Hillel helped make me what I am today: a Jewish non-profit professional supporting the Tampa Bay area community. Hillel helped me become passionate about my Judaism and about Israel. My love of Judaism and Israel are the reasons why it was important for me to sign a Life & Legacy Letter of Intent and make a commitment to leave a legacy gift to Hillel - an organization that significantly impacted me as a young Jewish adult. I want to ensure that Hillel can continue to make the same kind of impact on other Jewish (and non-Jewish) young adults for generations to come, as it did for me when I was a college student.

-Lauryn Solomon

Why did I sign a Life & Legacy Letter of Intent to make sure that Hillels of the Florida Suncoast will be remembered after I am no longer here? Giving Tzedakah is one of the most meaningful things that I do in life. Much of my time is spent being a part of our Jewish community in many different ways, whether working on and attending events, making gifts, or seeing friends. Our great organizations in Tampa Bay do amazing work to support our community.

One important group is Suncoast Hillels, with fantastic programming for young adults in college who we hope will participate in the programs on campus and continue being involved int he Tampa Bay area, their next community and Israel. The more we connect with our younger selves (we were one of them!), the more they can connect to the Jewish community. We need each other to survive and thrive. When my time ends, I want to leave a legacy to this organization to continue to do their wonderful work. It means a great deal to me to give a percentage of my estate to Suncoast Hillels.

-Cindy Spahn

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